SBW vs Chauncey
this should be interesting. or fascinating. or hilarious.
Liam Messam making his pro debut too on same card maybe?
How many rounds will there be? They'll probably keep the fight fairly short so Chauncy can't do what Botha did.
Chauncy vs SBW would make an excellent match-up.  Chauncy will give him some much needed rounds while not offering much in the way of offense.  And he'd sell the fight bigtime.  And, he loves coming back to NZ.  I'll write him on facebook and tell him to contact Mr Higgins so that Chauncy can challenge SBW.
Article says its next month? And also quotes saying Chauncy saying he'll get in shape? I'm not sure thats possible? Like what Mark Hunt had to do times ten.....???

I'm a fan of Chauncy. Big Heart. He used to come on the old site a lot- and used to PM him all the time. The worst thing about Chauncy was that idiot heel from Detroit that used to come on the site and support him all the time... what was his name?
Yeah, he was Chauncy's nephew.  Idiot.  But not stupid.  I didn't realise this was a real possibility.  Where was the article?
boxing scene
Found it!

Sonny Bill Williams set for ring return against American Chauncy Welliver

[Image: 1418922453176.jpg]Getty Images
LOCAL APPEAL: American boxer Chauncy Welliver is the favoured contender to face Sonny Bill Williams when he returns to the ring in Sydney next month.

American boxer Chauncy Welliver is the favoured contender to fight Sonny Bill Williams on a Sydney card that will feature an all-star cast of fellow rugby and league stars late next month.
Fairfax Media understands Welliver, an experienced southpaw with a credible 55-10-5 record and who has spent time in New Zealand, is the preferred option of Williams' agent, Khoder Nasser.
Argentina's Nelson Dominguez (17-4-1) is another potential candidate but Welliver's local appeal may hold sway.
NRL star Paul Gallen, Wallabies playmaker Quade Cooper and All Blacks flanker Liam Messam, who may make his pro boxing debut, are also likely to be drawcards at the same event, before their respective rugby and league seasons begin.
Nasser and Williams are expected to hold a press conference in Sydney today to confirm the 29-year-old's return to the ring - and reveal his opponent.
In another twist, the fights are likely to be screened in Australia on a free-to-air network in order to counter the saturated pay-per-view market.
While Welliver comes off three successive losses, the last two were against undefeated Australian Lucas Browne (21-0) and Alexander Ustinov (30-1) - the Russian giant who sent David Tua into retirement last year.
Welliver has also been active, fighting three times this year.
The 31-year-old is a former New Zealand heavyweight champion who has fought 413 professional rounds and was once ranked in the top 15 by the World Boxing Council and World Boxing Organisation.
In what will be Williams' seventh fight, Welliver offers a genuine test and appears to tick all other boxes.

"A fight with a guy like Sonny Bill Williams, who I respect, is a big fight for me," Welliver told Fairfax Media from Las Vegas.
"I'm at the point in my career where I'm not going to get a fight with Klitschko.
"This is something I'm taking extremely seriously.
"I'm extremely excited about the potential of fighting Sonny Bill Williams."
Williams' last fight - a controversial points' win over South African veteran Francois Botha almost two years ago - was marred by claims the contest was shortened from 12 to 10 rounds.
"In a street fight Frans Botha won that fight," Welliver said.
"He got the last of it but people forget for eight rounds Sonny Bill Williams boxed masterfully against a guy with 10 times his experience.
"Yes Sonny Bill got his butt kicked for two rounds but he dominated for eight rounds.
"I know that because I've been studying the tapes this past week.
"I thought he was a pretty boy; a star, but he weathered the storm even though he had to hold on like it was his prom date.
"He made it through and Frans Botha is no mug."
Welliver has been drastically overweight in his recent bouts but he claims the hype surrounding Williams presents the perfect motivation to get in shape.
"I want to look good on TV.
"At this stage of my career it doesn't get any bigger than this," he said.
"I think I'd have too much experience. Fighting a superstar is huge motivation. I'm fighting someone more popular than Klitschko.
"This is my time to shine. I know a fight with Sonny Bill Williams puts me in line to fight Joseph Parker.
"I know he puts me in a good spot.
"I'm in a no lose situation.
"I've been there done that. He's not going to take away my 'legacy'.
"Sonny Bill has accomplished a lot for his limited time in boxing but he is still a little boy. The older man will outsmart the little boy." Fairfax NZ
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Guys I think Chauncy will take this too much ring savy?
Sonny Bill Williams reflects on Frans Botha controversy ahead of planned ring return


[Image: 1418958994054.jpg]Chris Barclay/Fairfax NZ
FIGHTING TALK: Code-hopping superstars Sonny Bill Williams and Quade Cooper share a joke at a press conference to promote the inaugural Footy Show Fight Night card in Sydney today.

When Frans Botha is mentioned in relation to his sporting achievements, Sonny Bill Williams accepts he must take the criticism, suspicion and ridicule on the chin.
Yet the cross-code superstar doesn't believe he is fighting to restore credibility to the boxing phase of his career when as he prepares for his first bout since a duel with South Africa's 'White Buffalo' in February last year.
* SBW talks up Gallen bout
* Williams set for ring return
His sixth straight heavyweight victory ended in farcical circumstances at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre when Botha claimed the fight was shortened from the 12 advertised rounds to 10 when it was evident Williams was on the verge of being knocked out.
Allegations of dubious doping practices and claims Botha had been offered a pay-off to throw the contest then contributed to the drama that unfolded on a night where, for the first time, Williams realised he had limitations.
Although American southpaw Chauncy Welliver is his opponent in Sydney on January 31, Williams was naturally asked to revisit his last experience in the ring - a vague recollection apart from one moment of clarity.
"I've watched it a couple of times, now I know the reason why I don't really remember it," he told Fairfax Media ruefully, referencing the concussion he suffered.
"I was proud of myself to hold on the way I did. I think it was just instinct that got me through in that last round."

The 29-year-old insists both camps knew the fight was scheduled for 10 rounds.
"There's been a lot of controversy about it being 12 and stopping [early]. It doesn't faze me.
"Obviously being a human it hurts you when people talk bad about you and say this and that but in that situation there's nothing I could have done. I was just grateful I hung on to win the fight [by unanimous decision].
"From a sports perspective everyone's going to have their own points of view.
"There's going to be certain parts of the media that will always play on that negative angle and bring that up. I can't sit here and dwell on that."
Williams said becoming a father in November, during the All Blacks' end-of-year tour, had given him a new perspective on life.
"My mindset at this stage, especially after having a daughter .... it's just changed my whole outlook," he explained after promoting The Footy Show Fight Night in Sydney today with Wallabies playmaker and fellow part-time pugilist Quade Cooper.
Cooper supported a subdued Williams in the dressing room after the Botha fight - the All Black quietly expressed no interest in prolonging his boxing career but eventually reconnected with the sport.
Williams will obviously look the part when he takes on Welliver, who has a record of 55 wins, 10 losses and five draws, and he insisted he would also be mentally ready despite his chastening encounter with Botha.
"I know where I went wrong against Botha, it was such a short [three-week] preparation after coming back from injury," he said, before ramping up a six-week conditioning period.
"I know when the time comes I'l be scared and have all of those mixed emotions but I know I can bank on myself doing the hard work, whereas the last fight I couldn't.
"I went in there thinking that being the younger guy I'd be naturally fitter and I'd be able to handle it."
Williams is still based in Sydney with his wife and child but will spend some time training with the Chiefs before moving to Hamilton to permanently after headlining a card that also features Liam Messam's professional debut against an as yet unconfirmed opponent.

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