Merry Christmas Mr and Mrs Die
I'm off on a campervan trip, and am a bit useless at keeping in touch, so I want to sincerely thank Die and his Missus for giving us such a great site to argue the finer points of the "Sweet Science"
429,566 views on "Joseph Parker"
267,323 views on "Heavyweight Division"
12,001 views on Junior Fa is pretty cool!

Die, you do an amazing job, and I just want to thank you for your great work for NZ boxing
Ah, too kind gothe.  Many thanks.  But the truth is that without you all posting, I'd be writing to myself and offering opinions of what I thought but arguing with myself that I'm a muppet.  

Yes, a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to everyone!!!
Merry Christmas to die, Mrs die and everybody on here and a have great new year. Baby Joseph made 2016 a fantastic year for kiwi boxing, so hears to 2017.....
Merry Xmas to everyone
Merry Xmas guys!
Once again- Merry Christmas to all..
Merry Xmas from the Naki
Thanks NakiFan! Merry Christmas Everyone. Hope everyone has a great day and Happy Holidays.
Merry Xmas all

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