Lonergan upset with streamers
"complete lowlifes"

Pot. Kettle. Black

I watched on sky box office but i have no problem with anyone who watched on a stream
Calling people lowlifes for watching a stream is pretty damn harsh.
Duco live streaming is not allowed on here.
Lol duco been ripping off the public with shit promotions for years.

Packers cards have been a joke. 1 guy had 21k viewers at one stage haha.

Lonergan is a POS.
Must admit I got a chuckle out of reading that meltdown.
People streaming fights is inevitable whether Lonergan likes it or not. Sky is operating on an old business model. Should I really sign up for Sky Sports for 12 months, at $80 per month, and $50 per fight, just to watch Parker fight in my own home? Sky is dying a slow death, and good riddance to them.
I know, I know, but I could get sued, or invoiced (according to Lonergan) by allowing it on here. I did see it, and deleted it and purged the spammer.
Fair enough die, the overseas streams are the only ones I link into. The fact is, those people viewing it were never going to pay for the fight. So saying they were losing thousands of dollars in lost revenue is very naive. Lonergan seems to want to dig himself a hole one minute, and change the sporting landscape (tickets on $1 reserve) in the next minute.

Good luck trying to get details out of Facebook/Periscope/livetv.sx/crickfree etc etc to start suing people.

[Image: 123542d1457734333t-supply_demand_1.png]
All in all a bad night for Lonergan..

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