David Nyika
Any ideas why he hasn't turned pro yet?

He's 22 with a good amateur experience, hopefully he turns over soon.
I remember him saying he wants to go to the next olympics after missing out last time and didn't seem too keen on turning pro anytime soon.
Just bumped into David and his brother Josh at claudelands countdown. David looks to have filled out a bit since i last saw him a year or so ago. Josh was on the phone ordering $8 of chips which i found amusing.
David Nyika will hound his Olympic dream after Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
Better hold off on those chips, looks like Josh is turning pro in the new year http://boxrec.com/en/event/761220
They have josh down as debuting at jr middle, he looks about 5'8" to me and solidly built so thats a good division for him to go in at

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