David Nyika
David and Josh Nyika eye their final shot at Olympic qualification in Azerbaijan
I've actually met David in person and my only concern for him is a very small frame.

He's a tall lad, looked more closers to 6'4" to me but he's very, very slender with the frame of a basketball error more than a heavyweight boxer.

It's early days though but I am always concerned with the durability of guys that slender if someone puts them in a corner and starts bashing the tin ribs.
Turn pro into the Cruiser division the best option?
(06-20-2016, 04:54 PM)NakiFan Wrote: Turn pro into the Cruiser division the best option?
David's style is not suitable at this stage for professional boxing. Possibly in a few years time he will develop a more professional style and sit down on his punches a bit.
Heavyweight division in am's is the same as cruiserweight division in pro's. I have read articles that have said he's not even 90kgs (around 88kgs) fighting in the 91kg division atm, so he is still very light for his division which is basically crusierweight if he did turn pro.. Most pro cruisers I would imagine to cut weight from at least 95-96kgs 209-212libs

6ft4 @ 88kgs is pretty bean stalkish, I have seen pics of him standing next to Joe Parker and he looks slightly taller than Joe in most of them. There was a pic of him with Junior Fa and he did look tiny next to him.
David Nyika's Olympic dream is over after qualifying defeat in Azerbaijan
One of the by products of boxing being so small in this rugby mad country is that most journos know less about the sport than your average drunk down the local. I wonder if this guy has actually seen the fight??? Punch stats and a rant from the beaten boxer on Facebook does not always tell the full story!

Ref being very strange in the 1st round.....any idea whats the story there?

Regardless Nyika gets tagged far too much!

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